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Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a flexible, up to date talking therapy that has the needs of the client as its core consideration.
Unlike some hypnotherapists who use a ‘one size fits all’ script for their clients, we Cognitive Hypnotherapists write scripts exclusively for each client using a specialized system called Wordweaving ™.

It is a modern, science based approach to therapy which uses current understanding of how the brain works and utilises various techniques and interventions such as C.B.T(Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming, E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) E.M.I (Eye Movement Integration)  Gestalt Therapy and Traditional Hypnotherapy thus creating a bespoke service for each person. Each client is an individual and has different needs. Cognitive Hypnotherapists have many tools available to help you.

Clients come with a wide range of issues, both physical and emotional that they want to address.

Hypnotherapy can help with:-


Lack of confidence,

Low self esteem

Fear of public speaking and performance

Weight issues

Smoking Cessation


And many others. Issues that have been holding you back in life. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a solution based therapy. We talk about your problem and together work towards your solution.
Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool with which to interrupt and alter limiting beliefs, get rid of something that has been holding you back and move you gently on to making the necessary changes in your life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is often described as a set of tools to help you gain greater control over your mind.  N.L.P helps you make lasting changes in your life.  We all have negative thought patterns and behaviours that are no longer serving us. We can change.  The solution is within us, we just need to right tools to free our full potential.